Welfare measures

The Company has always been committed to providing a good workplace and welfare system. In addition to labor insurance and national health insurance, we plan to establish the following employee benefits based on the needs of employees and their quality of life:
  • Group insurance
  • Labor Retirement Reserves Supervision Committee
  • Employee welfare committee
  • Cash gifts and vacation for the three important Chinese festivals
  • Regular staff health checkup
  • Discounts for staff purchasing self-occupied houses
  • Employee stock subscription
  • Employee remuneration

Policy and Implementation of Employees’ Renumeration

Delpha Construction Co., Ltd. Articles of Incorporation Article 28 : When the Company allocates the profit of the current year, if any, no less than 0.5% of the profit shall be set aside as employees’ remuneration and no less than 2% of the profit shall be set aside as directors’ remuneration . However, when there are accumulated losses, the profits shall be used to offset accumulated losses first.​

​Delpha Construction implements employees’ performance evaluation, understands the work situation of colleagues, and uses them as indicators for promotion, salary adjustment, employee remuneration and year-end bonuses. The content of performance evaluation differs depending on the position and department, and all employees must be evaluated. The evaluation frequency is divided into regular and irregular evaluations.​

Regular Evaluations

  • Trial Evaluation:​ evaluation will be conducted at the expiration of the three-month trial period,and the professional knowledge,performance, professionalism, and personal ethics of employees will be reviewed.​
  • Formal Assessment:​ The assessment is conducted at the middle and the end of each year. The mid-year assessment is an assessment for promotion and salary adjustment ,and selects appropriate employees for promotion and talent cultivation; the yearend assessment is for the payment of year-end bonuses, to reward employees’efforts and contributions for that year.​

Irregular Evaluations​

  • Supervisor or employee transfer.​
  • Employees apply for leave without pay.​
  • The employee’s performance is abnormal and does not meet the target level.​
Delpha Construction optimizes the performance evaluation system by adjusting the goals and strengthening the connection between work content and rights and responsibilities through performance evaluation. In the future, Delpha Construction will continue to optimize the evaluation mechanism and coverage to improve the four key points of potential evaluation: salary adjustment operations, personnel development, and promotion.​ In 2021, Delpha Construction has conducted evaluations and adjustments for employees. All employees were assessed, regardless of gender or age. A total of 33 people were evaluated.​

Retirement system and implementation

To encourage employees' long-term commitment, retirement planning, and work efficiency; harmonious labor-management relations is promoted. Delpha Construction has revised the Company's employee retirement measures in accordance with the law. The labor retirement reserve supervision committee was established to review and verify the provision and expenditure of the labor retirement reserve. The establishment and implementation of relevant measures increases the willingness of employees to serve at the company long-term.
Additionally, conforming to relevant government regulations, Delpha Construction implemented the new labor retirement system on July 2005, employees who choose the new plan will have 6% of monthly wages allocated towards labor retirement pensions, and deposited in individual labor pension account established by the Bureau of Labor Insurance. The labor retirement reserves are set aside in accordance with relevant laws.

Working environment and protection measures taken for employee safety

Item Content
Access control safety The company has a door access monitoring system and signs contract with the security company.
Fire safety The management committee conducts unscheduled inspection for fire tests.
Drinking water safety The Company regularly (every three months) replaces the drinking water filter.
Air purification The company regularly (once every six months) replaces the air purifier filter and maintains the machine.
Construction health and safety When accessing the construction site, it is required to put on helmet, and follow the construction site safety regulations. The construction project follows the labor safety and health laws and regulations promulgated by the government.
The company attaches great importance to the occupational safety of employees. In accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1 of Article 34 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the company has formulated the "Code of Practice for Safety and Health of Delpha Construction Co., Ltd." and reported it to the competent authority for approval. All employees of the company must abide by the code, operate according to the sub-items, management plans and standard operating procedures formulated by the code, and continue to conduct occupational safety and health training and publicity, including fire drills, daily occupational safety publicity, etc., so that employees can Maintain a high level of crisis awareness. Through monthly public works department meetings and regular education and training, strict supervision, meeting review, site inspection and other measures before, during and after construction, to implement occupational safety on construction sites in the construction industry.
Strengthen the professional knowledge and education training of colleagues, hold professional training every year, and require site directors to obtain an "occupational safety card" and receive at least 6 hours of occupational safety and health related courses and professional license training.

The company's construction site arranges various occupational safety and health education and training, meetings, notices and notices for all employees and contractor construction personnel. The frequency information is as follows:

Project Application Frequency
Health and Safety Protocol Organization Meeting with contractors at least once a month to coordinate, communicate and resolve safety and health issues among contractors. Once a month
Worker Commencement Safety Commitment Before the contractor's entry, inform and promote relevant working environment, hazardous factors and occupational safety and related regulations, and make sure they promise to comply with relevant safety matters. Before entry
Construction Hazards Instruction Sheet Before the contractor enters the site, according to each working item, inform the possible hazards and provide preventive measures. Before entry
Occupational Health and Safety Manager According to the "Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations", if the number of workers in the construction industry is more than 30, one occupational safety and health administrator is required, and if the number of workers exceeds 300, two or more occupational safety and health administrators are required. -
Construction Industry Class A Occupational Health and Safety Business Supervisor According to the "Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations", an enterprise whose employer usually employs more than 100 workers shall, the person in charge of occupational safety and health should be trained as a type A professional supervisor. -
Physiological health:The Company regularly conducts health checkups for employees.
Insurance:The Company purchases group insurance for employees.