Delpha Construction upholds its corporate vision and long-term sustainability responsibilities to the industry and society, establishes related methods such as operating cycle control operations, integrates and manages various strategies, operations, and finances that may affect operations and profitability, in response to potential sustainability risks, and establishes relevant countermeasures.

Delpha Construction has actively promoted and implemented risk management mechanism since 2020. The general manager is responsible for overall risk management work and reports to the Board of Directors once a year. The main operating statuses are as follows:
Established a data collection form in 2020, and each unit will complete the risk assessment and identification of business activities based on their duties, and formulate countermeasures based on various risks to reduce the impact on Delpha Construction.

Delpha Construction established a complete accounting system, internal control system, risk control mechanism, established and strictly implemented standard operating procedures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as “Regulations Governing the Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies” to prevent dishonest behaviour and reduce risks.

To strengthen corporate governance and improve risk management operations to reasonably ensure the sustainable operation and development, Delpha Construction plans to formulate the“Risk Management Code” in the fourth quarter of 2021; through risk assessment and identification,confirmation, and formulation of measures, regular checks, in order to effectively implement risk management.

In the internal management of the organization, the audit unit implements the internal control mechanism as a gatekeeper, which is supervised by independent directors; risks caused by external factors rely on professional departments, director functions or external experts to assist in the evaluation, and plan with relevant departments for strategies and countermeasures.

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