Explanation of Various Departments

  1. Audit Committee

    This committee supports the Board of Directors in ensuring the quality and honesty of the company's financial processes, accounting, and risk management.

  2. Compensation Committee

    Its role is to assist the Board in managing the company's overall compensation policies and the pay of directors and executives.

  3. Integrity Committee

    This committee helps incorporate integrity and ethical values into the company's business strategy.

  4. Corporate Governance Office

    Handles matters related to Board and shareholder meetings, supporting directors in their roles, training, compliance, and other legal obligations.

  5. Audit Office

    In charge of designing and integrating the company's internal control system, conducting annual audits, and reporting findings to the Board and Audit Committee.

  6. General Manager

    Oversees overall company operations, focusing on project cost control, quality management, and administrative tasks.

  7. Secretariat Office

    Manages Board-related tasks and assignments from the Chairperson and General Manager.

  8. Legal Office

    Provides legal advice, drafts agreements, and collaborates with external legal professionals for legal matters.

  9. Management Department

    Manages human resources, procurement, inventory, and information security.

  10. Land Development Department

    Handles the investigation, analysis, evaluation, and development of land resources.

  11. Engineering Management Department

    Oversees planning, procurement, and project acceptance for construction projects in different zones.

  12. Sales Department

    Responsible for business sales, advertising planning, and customer service.

  13. Financial Accounting Department

    Manages financial, tax, and accounting affairs, budgeting, treasury operations, fundraising, and shareholder-related activities.