1. Taoyuan“Qing Xi Section B”

    Located in a prosperous and peaceful environment, with the first row of landscapes in the whole area, and just a few steps to GLORIA OUTLETS, X Park Aquarium, Shin Kong Cinema, IKEA, and HOTEL COZZI, you can enjoy the lively greenery of tens of thousands occupation of Park, and enjoy the vast view of the waterfront. The 270-degree view on three sides is comparable with the heart of the green sea.

    Taichung“Shalu District Xi Zhan Section”

    Located on the west side of Shalu Station, with a brand-new street profile, with the station at your doorsteps. Railways, MRT blue lines, and highways are in full swing, instant access to both north and south.
  2. Taoyuan“Delpha Jing”

    Located in the first lane of Qingtangyuan Art Museum Special Zone, comparable to the Taipei City luxury residence icon of Taipei Daan Park.

    Taoyuan“Rising City”

    Create top projects in-line with spirit of craftsmanship, carefully curated in the immediate vicinity of school campuses and the epitome of beautiful park landscapes.
  3. Taoyuan “Shanjie Section” construction was launched.

    Taichung “Wuri District Shingaotie Section” construction was launched.

    Taipei“Central One”

    Located in the core area of Zhongshan District, Taipei City, it benefits from vicinity of a diverse lifestyle, Binjiang Market, Taipei Fish Market, and Jinzhou Business District.

    Taipei“The urban green”

    Located on a corner adjacent two roads, takes careful consideration of lighting and ventilation, without the bustle of busy traffic. With this, the architects curated large windows boldly to embrace the outdoor scenery.

    Taoyuan“Delpha Metro Building”

    One-stop to Linkou, two-stops to global, three minutes to your doorsteps! Delpha Metro Building is sitting on the prime row of the Taoyuan Metro, supplementing the value of the project, with the great Nankan living circle to the left, Costco, Testrite Home Furnishing, Carrefour, and Taimall in a prosperous environment.
  4. Taoyuan “Qing Xi Section B” construction was launched.

    Taichung “Shalu District Xi Zhan Section ” construction was launched.

    Taoyuan “Rising City” construction was launched.

    Taoyuan “Delpha Jing” construction was launched.

    Taoyuan “Delpha Metro Building”construction was launched.

  5. Taipei“Delpha Reading Green Life” located was completed and delivered.
  6. Taipei“Xinyi Jiuwu” located was completed and delivered.
  7. Taipei“Jiuge” located was completed and delivered.
  8. Taipei“Jiuyang” located was completed and delivered.
  9. Taipei“Dazhi Jingdian”was completed and delivered.
  10. Taipei“Shijie Zhiding”and “Shiji Luofu ”was completed and delivered.
  11. Taipei“Hangxia”was completed and delivered.
  12. Taipei“Reading Europe”and “Leader ”was completed and delivered.
  13. Taipei“Delpha Junzhi”was completed and delivered.
  14. Taipei“Gongyuanlu ”and “Nanjing Technological Building”was completed and delivered.
  15. Taipei“Delpha Villa ”,“Taiwan Shijia”and “Meili Dahu ”was completed and delivered.
  16. Taipei“Fubishi Plaza”was completed and delivered.
  17. Taipei“Delpha Living’s Home”and “Delpha Dream House ”was completed and delivered.
  18. Taipei“Athens Era”,“Chienfu Building”was completed and delivered.
  19. New Taipei city“Cuiti Shuangxing”was completed and delivered.
  20. Taipei“Delpha Yuanzhongyuan”and“Yangming Quanyuan Villa”was completed and delivered.
  21. Taipei“Delpha Dalinyuan”was completed and delivered.
  22. Taipei“ Yanpoting ”was completed and delivered.
  23. Taipei“Delpha Mingsha”and “Luxury House of Art”was completed and delivered.
  24. Taipei“Zhongxiao Yayuan”was completed and delivered.
  25. Taipei“Kanalin Garden Building”,“Luofu Palace”was completed and delivered.
  26. Taipei“Delpha Liyuan”was completed and delivered.