Internal Control System

In 2022, there were no cases for penalties, violations, major deficiencies, and no reports for violations of the internal control system by Delpha Construction and its internal personnel, and there have no illegal activities.

Board of Directors

The highest unit responsible for approving, reviewing, and supervising Delpha Construction’s risk management policies, with the goal of complying with laws and regulations, ensuring the effectiveness of risk management, and promoting and implementing overall risk management.

Internal Audit Unit

  • Directly subordinate to the Board of Directors, and the chairman of the board will manage the internal full-time auditors.
  • The appointment and removal of the head of internal audit is approved by the Audit Committee and determined by the Board of Directors.
  • The evaluation and remuneration of the head of internal audit is determined by the Board of Directors.
  • The appointment, dismissal, evaluation, salary and remuneration of internal auditors are in accordance with the provisions of Article 3, Item 5 of the “Corporate Governance Code of Conduct” of Delpha Construction, and the audit supervisor shall sign submit to the chairman of the board for approval.

Operation of internal audit

  • Annually, the audit unit draws up the audit plan for the following year, and submits it to the Board of Directors for approval and implementation.
  • Audit the internal control operation of each operations, process and compliance with laws and regulations, evaluate the effectiveness of the company's internal control system's design and implementation, and arrange an audit report after inspection, then regularly report to board of directors.
  • Make quarterly follow-up reports on the deficiencies of the internal control system and abnormal matters found in the audit until improvement.

Self-assessment of internal control system

Held once a year, covering the design and implementation of various internal control systems. The internal units and subsidiaries will conduct self-assessment, followed by the review of self-assessment reports by the internal audit unit. The improvement of internal control deficiencies and abnormal events is used as the main basis for the Board of Directors and general manager to evaluate the effectiveness of the overall internal control system and to issue an internal control system statement.

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