Delpha Construction has secured a ranking of 6% to 20% in the 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation

Delpha Construction has secured a notable ranking of 6% to 20% in the 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation,recognizing the company's ongoing improvements and excellence in the field of corporate governance.

Corporate governance is a critical element in ensuring transparent, responsible, and effective business operations.

Delpha Construction has consistently prioritized corporate governance, continuously implementing measures to enhance internal structures and processes to meet the highest standards.

In the 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation of 2022, a total of 928 publicly listed companies and 734 over-the-counter companies were assessed. The evaluation results are categorized into four levels: 5%, 6% to 20%, 21% to 35%, and 36% to 50%. The evaluation takes into account five key aspects, including safeguarding shareholder rights (15%), treating shareholders equally (13%), strengthening board structure and operation (32%), improving information transparency (22% weight), and implementing corporate social responsibility (18%).

Achieving a 6%-20% ranking in this evaluation indicates that Delpha Construction's efforts in corporate governance are starting to yield substantial results. Nevertheless, the company remains committed to enhancing transparency, responsibility, and efficiency to attain even higher ratings.


9th Corporate Governance Evaluation:評鑑結果/第9屆公司治理評鑑_評鑑結果.pdf