The company's “Centre for the Future" and “One and Only" won the 30th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award

Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award "Thirty and Motivated" is deeply rooted in the Taiwan brand. It is the longest-standing and most iconic professional award in the Taiwan architecture industry. This year, with the theme of "Health, Technology, and Sustainability," Chairperson Bi-ling Kuan stated that in the post-pandemic era, the development direction for award-winning companies is focused on environmental health sustainability, extensive application of smart devices, and more human-centered creativity.


This year, a total of 63 award-winning works were selected for the Golden Stone Award, including excellent construction quality, outstanding architectural planning and design, excellent public infrastructure, and excellent brand benchmark companies. In the planning and design category, there were continuous innovative ideas and outstanding creativity, showcasing exquisite and human-centered designs. These designs perfectly depict the imagination of future living in the post-pandemic era. Through different interpretations of green energy, carbon reduction, and intelligence, they demonstrate a high level of integration with the environment, achieving excellence that is visible to all. Our company's "Centre for the Future" and "One and Only" have both been honored with the Golden Stone Award in the excellent architectural planning and design category.


「Centre for the Future」:

「One and Only」: