Delpha Construction is Acknowledged for Strong Corporate Governance and is Named in the TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index

In the 2023 annual review results of the "TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index" released by Taiwan Index Plus Corporation, Delpha Construction has been selected for the first time. Additionally, Delpha Construction has once again received recognition for its exceptional corporate governance practices, having been ranked among the top 20% of companies in this year's "Corporate Governance Evaluation".
The constituent stocks of the "TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index" are important indicators of corporate sustainability and a healthy financial market. The index undergoes a yearly periodic review in July, which involves liquidity examination, corporate governance evaluation screening, and assessment based on three financial indicators: net asset value per share not less than face value, ranking in after-tax net profit, and ranking in revenue rate.
Being selected into the "TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index" by Taiwan Index Plus Corporation is a recognition of the company's strong performance in corporate governance. Delpha Construction will continue to uphold its sustainable business practices and remain true to its original aspirations, and with unwavering focus on perfection in every aspect, it enables the company to craft homes that become a source of fond memories for Taiwanese.