Delpha Construction grand commencement of the A7, A8 core duos, fueling a winning streak

大華首捷 With 60 years of experience and accolades, Delpha Construction (2530), a luxury house brand in Taipei City, has delivered architectural masterpieces after masterpiece to a welcoming market. From "Jiuyang", "Jiuge", "Delpha Reading Green Life", "The urban green", "Central One", among others, the architectural heritage of continuous evolution and breakthrough have cemented Delpha Construction's reputation. In the recent two years, Delpha Construction has expanded beyond Taipei and New Taipei City, and launched projects in areas such as Airport MRT A7, A10, and A18; the most eye-catching and anticipated being the Delpha Construction A7 debut, which will be launched in 2022. The project have garnered attention and inquiry from eager customers well before launch. A futher blessing to residents of A7, Delpha Construction have further strengthened the cultivation in the area, and selected A7 as the second part of Delpha Construction's A7 efforts. Lastly, a recent grand opening ceremony was symbolizes the dawning of a new milestone.