The company's "Metro Building" and "Qingxi Section A Area" won the 29th China Architecture Golden Stone Award

The annual event in Taiwan's construction industry! The 29th China Architecture Golden Stone Award, known as the Oscar of the architecture industry and the first brand of Taiwan architecture awards, was held on October 27 (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm in the Guoguang Conference Hall of the CPC Corporation Building. It is the oldest and most iconic professional award event in Taiwan's architecture industry. This year's theme is "Smart Co-Building, Healthy Co-Existence". The application of smart devices and the more humanized design of the building itself are the consistent development directions of this year's award-winning companies.This year's Golden Stone Award is based on a total of 70 award-winning projects in the categories of excellent building construction quality, excellent architectural planning and design, excellent public construction, excellent brand benchmarking enterprises, and healthy living. Among them, the company's "Metro Building" and "Qingxi Section A" won the Golden Stone Award in the category of excellent architectural planning and design.

"Metro Building":
"Qingxi Section A":